About Me


The power of data inspired me to further my career in the pursuit of data science. 

From prior work experience, I am accustomed to the rigors of working in fast-paced, highly regulated environments that require sharp attention to detail, consummate accuracy and outstanding communication skills. I am adept at aligning projects and company objectives with client goals to ensure optimal satisfaction.

By adding me to your staff, you will gain a diligent, goal-oriented professional with the dedication and focus required to fulfill successfully any role. 

Please check out some of my projects below, look me up on LinkedIn or download my résumé.



An Exploration Of Predicting The Results of NBA Games

Using logistic regression models, I attempted to predict the outcomes of NBA games.

Estimating Housing Prices In Ames, Iowa

As part of a class Kaggle competition, I created multiple regression models to estimate home prices in Ames, Iowa.  I placed 3 out of 94 entries.

Using Yelp To Estimate Affluency

As part of a group client project we attempted to use Yelp's dollar sign ratings and reviews to estimate the median income in the largest cities in each state.

Reddit Classification

After scraping two subreddits, I used NLP to see if it was possible to differentiate between Jokes and Dad Jokes.